Violence on Women Insults to God:Pope Francis said on the new year – mother gives life, keeps the world together, protection is necessary

Pope Francis has called ‘insulting women an insult to God’. In his New Year’s address, the Pope also called on people to establish peace in the world. In his address to the Vatican, the Pope said, ‘We need peace. Let’s go home thinking of peace. To establish peace one has to forgive others and promote justice.

Mothers give life and women hold the world together

The Pope said that mothers give life and women hold the world together, so more must be done to protect women. If you do a single injury to a woman, you are insulting God.

The Pope addresses a crowd of devotees on New Year’s Eve at St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. The Vatican celebrates this day as the Glory of the Holy Mary Mother of God and as the World Day of Peace. The Pope kept his New Year’s speech around women. He said that women keep the threads of life unraveled.

Already giving emphasis on women’s safety

The Corona lockdown has seen a significant increase in cases of violence against women in European countries. That is why the Pope has appealed many times in the past to stop violence against women and children. He said that violence against women should end now. To hurt a woman is equivalent to insulting God. During an Italian television program last month, Pope Francis also called for an end to violence against women and children.

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