Taiwan President’s bluntly to China:Said freedom is not a crime, will not bow down to the pressure of the dragon, democracy will remain populated

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen is not ready to succumb to pressure from the powerful China. He has pledged to uphold his independence and democracy in the face of ever-increasing military and diplomatic pressure from China. In his New Year’s address, the president said, “Democracy and freedom are not a crime, and Taiwan will continue to support Hong Kong. In addition to showing our concern, we will cherish our hard-earned freedoms and make democracy stronger.” “

Taiwan’s tough stance

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen said, “We will make Taiwan better and show the world that democratic Taiwan has the courage to step out of the shadow of authoritarian China and will not succumb to pressure.”

Let us tell you that even after decades of separate rule, China has been considering Taiwan as a separate province. Taiwan has countered Chinese aggression by enhancing strategic ties with other democratic countries, including the US. China has also been threatening Taiwan with war.

China’s close eye on Taiwan

Amid increasing military and diplomatic pressure from China, Taiwan’s president is focusing on the challenge of maintaining her independence, democracy and consensus to connect with the world. He added that “sustaining global relationships, economic momentum, strengthening our social security networks and protecting our nation’s sovereignty are the four pillars of our plan for stable governance in 2022.”

Sai Ing-wen’s tough attitude

Tsai Ing-wen views Taiwan as a sovereign country. They believe that Taiwan is not part of ‘One China’. China remains angry about his attitude. Since she came to power in 2016, China has been refusing to hold talks with Taiwan. China has also increased economic, military and diplomatic pressure on the island. China believes that Taiwan is its territory. China says that it can be captured by force if needed.

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