Received a letter in lieu of a letter from Senator Bernie Sanders:Sanders said – give good salary to striking workers, Buffett replied – this is not my job

Photo: Bernie Sanders and Warren Buffett.  - Dainik Bhaskar
Photo: Bernie Sanders and Warren Buffett

In the US state of West Virginia, 450 employees of a steel company linked to the world’s ninth richest industrialist Warren Buffett have been on strike for the past few months demanding a pay hike and other demands. US Senator Bernie Sanders wrote a letter to Buffett about this. Sanders said in it that he should consider the demands of the striking workers. They deserve better pay. Their demands should be refused.

Sanders has also given figures for the nominal wage increase of employees over the past few years. Warren Buffett has also written a counter letter to Sanders on this. In this, Buffett has said that he does not get involved in labor disputes of any company he owns. Buffett also cited Berkshire Hathaway’s annual financial filings report submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which told investors that companies are managed by executives.

Berkshire companies deal with personnel issues individually. “I am personally requesting that you intervene in negotiations between Steel Workers Local 40 and Precision CastParts to ensure that workers are treated with respect and fairness,” Sanders wrote in the letter on December 28. Honorarium is given, which is a reward for their hard work.

‘I will not recommend action on the letter’ In
response to Sanders, Buffett said that he is sending your letter to the officer of Precision Castparts, but will not recommend any action on it, because the officer is completely responsible for his work. independent and responsible.

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