PUBG Mobile x Arcane Series: PUBG Mobile has just announced its latest collaboration with the popular animated series Arcane. The new Mirror World mode went live in-game and players can play to win a chicken dinner, including League of Legends Champions such as famous Jinx! Here is everything you need to know about this event:
What’s happening? When did it go live? How do I get started playing today if so when does registration open up again or will any player be able too to start taking part without having preordered my account


PUBG Mobile x Arcane Series: Let’s start a new adventure in the Mirror World with the League of Legends Champions

PUBGM has announced that the game they collaborated with is now available to download. This collaboration includes an exclusive in-game item for players who purchase chicken dinners through their mobile app store, as well as hosting events where users can compete against other PUBG MOBILE gamers online or on location.

The first event will be hosted this coming Sunday at ARCANE Showroom located inside The Gang by Sokcho Beach Hotel & Golf Course from 1 PM KST until 5 PM Korean Standard Time (KST). There’s also word of another competition happening soon; if you’re looking to take home some rare loot then sign up quick because these opportunities don’t last long!”

Players are going to be very excited after hearing this news. It’s time for them to witness the Jinx and many other characters in-game as a result of this collaboration, so stay tuned because there will be more skin coming soon.

The collaboration between PUBG and McDonald’s has finally gone live in-game today on 16 November 2021. Krafton, a community manager for both organizations confirmed that players will be able to unlock the five newest characters from each brand while playing Mobile versions of their respective games: “Jinx (PlayStation), Vi (Android), or Caitlyn/Jayce(iOS). There is not any verified information about rewards but we can assure you many more unlocks are coming soon.” Check out all your favorite stories on the official website.

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