PUBG Mobile 2.0 update APK size with download link details

POSTED BY Kvswm admin June 17, 2022

Tencent has released a new update for PUBG Mobile APK. The seasonal version 2.0 brings the game to version number 7, and players can download it from their official application stores or via this link if they are experiencing any other issues with getting updates before downloading them onto their device.

The new version of the game includes tons of changes, like a brand-new mode. Mirror Mode is just one example; players can also enjoy collaborative events in addition to some old favorites Payload 2.0 (a modification on Infected), Runic Power, and others being reintroduced for good measure too!

PUBG Mobile 2.0 APK update details

The world of Defiance has been thrown into chaos as new updates roll out. Players can now carry their teammates on a piggyback ride after this newest update, and minor changes are made to weapons like the marksman rifles which were adjusted for more usability in-game modes like team deathmatch or domination.

PUBG Mobile has teamed up with Riot Games to promote their new animated series called ‘Arcane’. This collaboration also brings in various elements of League of Legends and as a result, there is going to be an added game mode where players can play as some characters from the show.

If you are having any issues while downloading the PUBG MOBILE APK 2.0 game, simply click on the links given below to update the game.

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Update


The normal application is 1GB, but players can also use the compact APK to save data. This version has a size that fluctuates between 700 MB and 100MB with additional resources needed after installing newer updates in order for you to access all its features conveniently on your device.

Before installing the application, make sure that you enable “Install from other sources” in your device settings. If this does not work for whatever reason then just reinstall it and try again.

Whats new in PUBG MOBILE 2.0 version

  • The ARCANE collaboration is here with our newest mode, Mirror World Mode.
  • Enter Mirror Island and transform into ARCANE heroes, unlock new skills and tactical items. Experience intense battles all over Erangel, Livik Sanhok.
  • Get ready for a season of high fashion as the newest cycle, CYCLE 2 SEASON 6 is coming! Exclusive outfits from past seasons will be returning and you’ll receive tons freebies with your purchase.

The newest season of CYCLE 2 is here! You’ll be able to wear some exclusive outfits from past seasons and get loads of free high-quality supplies in return. So don’t miss out on this opportunity; make sure you sign up now before it becomes too late for your desired character class: knights, samurai warriors, or ronin ninja.

The end date has passed but we still need more staff members who would like their own unique outfits that will be worn by all Attendees at our events throughout Season 6 (CYCLE2).

Description of PUBG MOBILE – Arcane

PUBG Mobile x Arcane
PUBG Mobile x Arcane


The Battle-Royale game has been a big hit on PC and Xbox, taking the world by storm. Now, it’s available for Android and iOS devices! Like most games of its kind, PUBG MOBILE is free to play but offers in-game purchases that can enhance your experience. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of shooters or not, the game offers a great experience and is definitely worth playing.

PUBG MOBILE’s main menu has four options:  PLAY, DAILY MISSIONS, GALLERY, and SETTINGS. Let’s start with the first option; PLAY. On this tab, you can either continue an existing mission or start a new one. It’s possible to create a new mission mid-game, but I’ll talk about that later.

The second option is DAILY MISSIONS. Here you can choose one of four missions for extra rewards. Every day more missions are added so there is always something new to try out. Completing the first mission gives you 30 coins, while the others may give more or less.

The third option is GALLERY. On this tab, you can check out all of the stuff that’s been collected while playing the game. There are several categories, but most items are either equipment or clothing. Every piece of clothing has a style and color, some even have decals! The next tab is SETTINGS. On this tab, you can adjust the game’s settings to your liking. You can choose which type of touch controls there are, change the sensitivity for aiming with a scope, and more.

Now that you know what the main menu looks like it’s time to start playing! For now, I’ll continue with my current mission in regular difficulty mode. This means that the circle appears every two minutes instead of three. The first thing I do when spawning is radio my teammates about where I am so they don’t have to go too far out of their way to find me when it comes time for us to meet up. After meeting up with them we agree to drop somewhere near Pochinki since that’s one of the earliest buildings that spawn on the map.

We land, prone of course so we aren’t spotted, and begin making our way towards Pochinki. The blue circle is clearly visible at this point so it’s easy to see whether or not anyone is nearby. Of course, everyone else has landed near the same area too which makes things complicated for us because everyone starts shooting at once! After taking out one enemy I run into another one; this time it’s someone from my team who got close enough to me because he thought I was an enemy – sorry mate!

It didn’t take long before the final circle appeared and all players were forced together in order to be the last player or team standing. All you do now is hope your aim is good enough to keep you in the game! A player in a house with a decent sniping position managed to claim victory for his team.

Of course, that’s only one way of playing PUBG MOBILE. Maybe this is your first time playing Battle-Royale so it takes some getting used to. Fortunately, there are daily missions available, which can be completed using different methods. For example, there are missions where you have to place in the top 3 or top 5 in several matches, and killing certain types of enemies also counts towards the objective. There is no limit on how many times you can complete these kinds of objectives but keep in mind that they have an expiry date – after all, they’re just daily missions.













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