Legendary footballer Lionel Messi was hit by Corona, three other players of PSG club also positive

One of the world’s greatest footballers, Lionel Messi has been hit by the corona virus. Messi is playing for Paris Saint Germain (PSG) club in the French Football League 1. The Kovid-19 report of 34-year-old Messi and 3 other players of the club came positive on Sunday. The club has confirmed this.

A PSG spokesperson said that apart from Messi, the Kovid-19 test reports of defender Juan Burnett, backup goalkeeper Sergio Rico and midfielder Nathan Bitumazala have been found positive. The four players have been kept in isolation and are being treated. The club had to travel with the Vannes club to play a round of 32 match of the French Cup on Monday before the reports came. But now these four players will not go with the team.

Messi joined PSG in August this year, leaving a 15-year association with Spanish league club Barcelona. Messi has scored 6 goals in 16 appearances for the club so far. Thanks to Messi’s brilliant play, PSG are currently leading in Ligue 1 with 46 points from 19 matches.

Other major updates…

New Kovid cases decreased in Australia, but the number of hospitalized patients increased
Australia saw a decrease in new cases of Kovid on Sunday. However, the number of patients admitted in the hospitals here is still more than 30,000. The number of patients hospitalized in New South Wales continues to grow.

New South Wales, the most populous state, had 22,577 new cases a day earlier, which decreased to 18,278, according to Health Department data. The number of Tests had dropped by a quarter on the first day of the new year. Perhaps this is the reason why fewer cases were registered on this day.

After Omicron, now the first case found in Florna, Israel; The fourth dose being given to the people here

The whole world is troubled by Corona and its new variant Omicron. Meanwhile, the first case of Florna has been found in Israel. Florona is an infection in which a person becomes infected with both corona and influenza. Despite being the first case, Israel has taken it seriously. At the same time, the fourth vaccine of corona is being administered as a booster dose to people with weak immunity in the country.

According to experts, florona is a double infection of corona and influenza. It is even more lethal because of the double virus. According to doctors, symptoms like pneumonia and myocarditis are seen in a patient infected with florona.

French government will give relaxation in Kovid isolation rules; Decision taken to bring the economy back on track

The French government has decided to relax the Kovid isolation rules from Monday. This decision has been taken to reduce the impact on the economy due to Corona. Under the new rule, if fully vaccinated people are found positive, the infected will have to remain in isolation for only 7 days. This rule will apply to a person infected with any variant of Corona.

However, if found negative in the test, permission has been given to exit the quarantine only after 5 days. Since the beginning of the epidemic in France, more than 100 crore corona infected have been found. It has become the sixth country in the world in terms of top infected.

UAE bans foreign travel of unvaccinated citizens; Booster dose necessary for vaccinated citizens

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has decided to ban the travel of unvaccinated citizens abroad from January 10. This decision has been taken in view of the increase in infection of Corona and Omicron variants worldwide. The UAE’s National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority said that it would be necessary to take a booster dose to travel. This restriction will not apply to persons who have not got the corona vaccine due to medical treatment. People with humanitarian exemptions are also excluded from this rule.

85% of Omicron infected admitted to hospital in England did not get booster dose

85% of Omicron infected people admitted to hospitals in England have not received a booster dose. According to the report of DailyMail, the UK Health Protection Agency said in its report that there are currently 815 hospitals in the country.

Omicron infected admits. Out of these, there are 608 such, who have not yet received the booster dose. According to the report, the booster dose reduces the risk of hospital admission by 88%.

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