Isolation for 5 days if you come in contact with the infected:6 countries eased isolation if Omicron was found to be less deadly than Corona


After reducing the period of isolation in the US, now people in contact are required to wear masks for 5 days.  - Dainik Bhaskar
After reducing the period of isolation in the US, now people in contact are required to wear masks for 5 days.

Now more than 15 lakh cases of corona are coming in the world every day. Meanwhile, 6 countries, including America, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Portugal Greece, have relaxed the corona isolation rules, seeing the new variant Omicron less deadly than Delta. In the US, now those without symptoms will have to stay in isolation for only 5 days. Before coming in contact with the infected one had to remain isolated for 10 days.

With this, now the infected without symptoms will not even need a negative report. On the other hand, in Australia, which is facing the havoc of Omicron, the government has relaxed the isolation. Now the same person living or working together will be considered as close contact, who has been with the infected for at least 4 hours. France and Germany are also preparing to reduce the time of isolation. On the other hand, Italy is going to reduce the quarantine time.

Opposing the reduction in isolation in America, classes online With
the reduction of isolation period in America, people in contact are now required to wear masks for 5 days. The nurses there have started protesting against the decision to relax the isolation. They say that this will not only spread the corona, but our troubles will also increase. At the same time, scientists said that due to this the corona epidemic will spread rapidly and the burden on hospitals will increase.

The health agency should refrain from taking such steps. Meanwhile, many US colleges are taking online classes again for the first week or semester of January. Harvard has announced online classes for the first three weeks of the new year. The University of Chicago is delaying the start of its freshman semester and starting online classes the first two weeks.

Health services in Australia crumble, reports delayed
Omicron has led to queues at testing centers in Australia. In the last seven days, more than 18 lakh people have got the test done. There is neither enough staff nor resources to process so many tests. Due to this the test report is getting delayed by a week. According to Omar Khorshid, President of the Medical Association, the risk of isolation will increase manifold, because infected without symptoms can infect others unnoticed.

World: Cases, deaths in America highest in Russia

  • America: More than 4.40 lakh cases were found for the third consecutive day.
  • France: 2.3 lakh cases confirmed. More than 1 lakh cases daily.
  • Britain: 1.89 lakh infected for the second consecutive day. More cases were found than on Friday.
  • Italy: 1.4 lakh new cases were found. New cases increased by more than 20% compared to a day earlier.
  • Russia: Cases were found 20,638, but the deaths were the highest in the world at 912.

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