E Shram Card Benefits 2022

With the help of this card, the workers of the unorganized sector get benefits of government schemes, employment opportunities in other parts of the country and economic security in the event of an accident. In order to provide financial security to the workers of the unorganized sector and to provide them with the same benefits as the … Read more

E Shram Card Self Registration

E Shram Card Self Registration

The Ministry of Labor and Employment has launched an online portal for the labor of workers in the unorganized sector of India. The official website of E Shram is  esharm.gov.in . Now workers of unorganized sector can register online and get their E Shramik Card. Candidates who register for e-Shram will get Universal Account Number (UAN) card. The main objective of the government is to collect the … Read more

See New Year’s Celebrations in Photos:The world celebrated the new year amidst restrictions, people came out in America and France too

2021 has passed. Now the new year will appear on the calendar. However, the world did not get rid of the corona epidemic. By 2021, the pain of the Omicron variant only got worse. But, even in the midst of despair, restrictions and epidemics, people in most parts of the world embraced and welcomed the new year. With the … Read more

Corona in the world:India sent 5 lakh corona vaccine to Afghanistan on New Year, Afghan ambassador expressed gratitude

India on Saturday handed over 5 lakh doses of Corona Vaccine (COVAXIN) to Afghanistan under humanitarian assistance on the occasion of New Year. It has been told by the Ministry of External Affairs that this consignment of vaccine has been handed over to Indira Gandhi Hospital in Kabul. With this, another consignment of 5 lakh vaccines will … Read more

Udaipur businessman murdered in America:Wanted to settle abroad with daughter and son-in-law, was killed by the robbers who entered the house

A businessman from Udaipur has been murdered in America. Bansilal Sahu of Udaipur was living in America for 10 months. His daughter lives in America. His son-in-law has a hotel in Madford, America. On Friday, some miscreants entered his house with the intention of robbing. He tried to stop. Heart patient Bansilal was badly beaten … Read more

Taiwan President’s bluntly to China:Said freedom is not a crime, will not bow down to the pressure of the dragon, democracy will remain populated

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen is not ready to succumb to pressure from the powerful China. He has pledged to uphold his independence and democracy in the face of ever-increasing military and diplomatic pressure from China. In his New Year’s address, the president said, “Democracy and freedom are not a crime, and Taiwan will continue to support Hong … Read more

Isolation for 5 days if you come in contact with the infected:6 countries eased isolation if Omicron was found to be less deadly than Corona

  After reducing the period of isolation in the US, now people in contact are required to wear masks for 5 days. Now more than 15 lakh cases of corona are coming in the world every day. Meanwhile, 6 countries, including America, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Portugal Greece, have relaxed the corona isolation rules, seeing the new … Read more

Received a letter in lieu of a letter from Senator Bernie Sanders:Sanders said – give good salary to striking workers, Buffett replied – this is not my job

Photo: Bernie Sanders and Warren Buffett   In the US state of West Virginia, 450 employees of a steel company linked to the world’s ninth richest industrialist Warren Buffett have been on strike for the past few months demanding a pay hike and other demands. US Senator Bernie Sanders wrote a letter to Buffett about this. Sanders … Read more

Violence on Women Insults to God:Pope Francis said on the new year – mother gives life, keeps the world together, protection is necessary

Pope Francis has called ‘insulting women an insult to God’. In his New Year’s address, the Pope also called on people to establish peace in the world. In his address to the Vatican, the Pope said, ‘We need peace. Let’s go home thinking of peace. To establish peace one has to forgive others and promote justice. Mothers give life … Read more

Massive fire in Colorado, USA:1000 houses burnt down, order to leave 30 thousand people home

In the US state of Colorado, a forest fire in Denver destroyed 1000 houses. State Governor Jared Polis has given information about this. Jared said – In the city of Louisville and Superior, about 30,000 people have been asked to leave the house. In view of the situation, emergency has been declared. Governor Police told the media – … Read more

Encounter between Pakistani Taliban and Army:Pak Army admits to killing 4 of its soldiers, TTP claims – 7 soldiers killed

Four soldiers of Pakistani Army were killed in an encounter with Pakistani Taliban. The Pakistani Army gave information about this on Friday. According to the army, security forces raided Taliban positions in Mir Ali city of North Waziristan. During this, 4 soldiers were killed in retaliatory firing by the Taliban, while 1 terrorist was caught … Read more

The study revealed:Drug abuse increased among the poor along with women; 40% increase in alcohol and cigarette smoking addiction in Corona

According to the World Health Organization, alcohol-related diseases account for 5.1% of the cost of treatment of diseases in the world   The world had not even recovered from the lockdown of the corona epidemic at this time that another new wave has knocked. However, a large population of the world has been vaccinated. Despite all this, … Read more